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I have two Modern Witch short stories that were previously published in anthologies. Free now, for your reading pleasure :)

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A Little About Me

Is it true my kids spilled water on my laptop?

Yup. Well, mostly true. I should let my daughter off the hook - it was her little brother that did the deed.

Do you need superpowers to write a novel?

Nope. If I can do it at forty, all it takes is a writing device of some sort and a story in your head that wants to be told.

Am I a witch?

I delight in the possibility of magic that exists in all of us.

Did Aervyn really write himself?

He was supposed to be in one scene. He listens about as well as most four-year-olds :).

Nutella Cookies

Nutella Cookies

Yes, they exist! One of my wonderful readers is an amateur chef, and she developed this amazing recipe.

See the Recipe

What's Coming Next?

I’m writing as fast as I can :).

An Unlikely Witch, book two in the new Witch Central series has just released. Book three is coming next June.

Those of you who don't like change can just consider these new books an extension of the first series ;).

Suggested Reading Order

This isn't as easy a question to answer as you might think, but here's my best attempt to answer this question :)

Suggested Reading Orders
(yup, more than one, LOL!)

Print? Audio?

I know, I know - not everyone has an ereader :). This is the year I try to get my print production working more smoothly, I promise. I'm hoping to have all first-series books released in print, in a more convenient, smaller size, this winter.

There are six books out in audio right now, and A Celtic Witch should be available shortly.

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